MicroComp Nordic AB is a sales, product development and consultancy firm focused on microwave and fiber optics. We sell all types of microwave and fiber optic components and subsystems. MicroComp Nordic AB specialise in design of RF over fiber, desktop amplifiers, CellScanners, SDR and radar products.  Our primary customers are military, cellular communication companies, universities and equipment testing labs.

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Microwave &
Fiber optics

We represent a number of companies and sell microwave and fiber optic products in the Nordic countries

Custom Product

Cell Scanners for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G (GSM, UMTS, WCDMA, LTE, 5G New Radio), radar applications, RF over fiber, SDR applications and desktop amplifiers


We do consultancy work in microwave, fiber optics, data acquisition, signal processing and radar applications.

Our Partners

Our partners & suppliers represented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


MicroComp Nordic AB designs

Cell Scanner

A Cell Scanner performs the initial synchronisation procedures done by a mobile phone. The scanner will measure network properties like received power, cell ID and a number of other characteristics that can be used for network planning or when looking for anomalies within the network. MicroComp Nordic can provide you with software libraries that work with the SDR of your choice. We have libraries supporting 2G, 3G and 4G and are in the development phase of a 5G library. As we have been involved in the 3GPP standardisation of initial synchronisation for 4G and 5G we have good insight in the procedures.

SDR Applications

If you are planning to build a system in which RF data is captured with an SDR and then analysed in some kind of way for some properties, in real time or in a post processing application, MicroComp Nordic can help you. We have several years of experience in development for SDR, designing algorithms in Matlab and Octave and implementing the data capture and analysis in C++.

Radar Applications

MicroComp Nordic have been working with design and development of radar applications for more than ten years. We do everything from designing algorithms, HW schematics, HW layout to implementation of radar applications in embedded environments. We have experience in measuring objects with radar using CW, FSK and FMCW modulations. Our designs use the 24 GHz modules provided by our German supplier InnoSent.


We are authorized resellers of wide variety of components

Custom Products
Desktop Amps
RF Cables
RF over Fiber
Taget Simulators

About Us

MicroComp Nordic AB works with microwave and fiber optics. We represent different suppliers, design and build products and do consultancy work. Our target area is the Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic states). Our primary customers are in the areas of the military, cellular, communication, radio link, test equipment, data acquisition and signal processing.

MicroComp Nordic has partners in Europe, USA and Asia. We are a privately owned company that was founded in 2004 by Jan Åberg and Mats Gustafsson with a head office located in Stockholm and local offices in Gothenburg and Luleå, Sweden.

If you are interested in microwave, fiber optic, radar products or signal processing applications, please contact MicroComp Nordic AB.

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Sadelmakarvägen 9, 146 33 Tullinge, Sweden

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+46 (0) 8 607 39 10


Our Team

Jan Johansson

Signal processing specialist

Jan is based in Luleå and is the signal processing specialist within MicroComp Nordic AB. He has been working with signal processing, mainly in the telecom industry, since 1995 and is an expert on mathematics and algorithm design using Matlab and Octave. Jan is responsible for all our algorithm design, especially for the CellScanner products, SDR applications and radar applications.

Mats Gustafsson

P and co founder

Mats is based in Stockholm and works with sales of microwave and fiber optic products, specifically on the west coast of Sweden and in Norway. Mats is responsible for the CellScanner products and has experience in SW development for SDR (Software Defined Radio) and embedded systems.

Jan Åberg

VP and co founder

Jan is based in Stockholm and works with sales of microwave and fiber optic products, specifically in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Specialist on RF over fiber and desktop amplifiers. Jan is responsible for design of custom microwave and fiber optic products and he has been designing microwave systems since 1972.

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