True Blue® the assemblies of choice in laboratory Test & Measurement

Storm's heritage line of True Blue® cable assemblies provides an unmatched combination of low loss, durability and cost effectiveness. This combination of strengths has made True Blue® the assemblies of choice for almost 40 years in laboratory Test & Measurement and as a general purpose RF Interconnect solution.

How has this cable line been so successful for so many years?

  • By delivering an unmatched combination of Low Loss, Durability, and Cost Effectiveness.
  • By offering various cable sizes and operation to 50 GHz.
  • By having varied ruggedizing options to suit a variety of applications.
  • By achieving repeatable performance in RF measurements and realized Shielding Effectiveness.
  • By making standard & custom length assemblies available in a timely manner.

Dowload a PDF sheet of the cable here!

Other News

DM4 insert

The DM4 insert incorporates four optical or electrical termini ideal for hybrid electrical/optical applications

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions introduces a new 45° connector

Commercial Grade Attenuators

Midwest Microwave’s Commercial Grade Series expands it's product offering with new attenuators

HE-2000 Push-Pull Interlock Connector

For demanding applications within harsh environments

Commercial Grade Expansion with 2.4mm and 2.92mm Terminations

New Commercial Grade microwave components

Multi-Channel Harness solutions

Multi-Channel Harness solutions designed and qualified using Storm cable and connectors.

New SMPM Bullet Adapter

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Miniature interconnect for harsh environment

Born out of the Diamond Miniature Interface "DMI", the Micro AVIM™ is the smallest package connector delivering state-of-the-art performance in harsh environment.

Teledyne Storm Evolution

For interconnect and test & measurement requirements at frequencies supporting 5G, we now offer enhanced solutions featuring our SF047EW cable assemblies.

New Power Solution Injection F-SMA PSi assemblies

Diamond is glad to announce that the development of the new F-SMA PSi product has been completed.